Cape Cross Lodge sits right on the edge of the cold fertile Atlantic Ocean; a serene haven for visitors to this vast untamed, seldom-explored wilderness.

The curious mix of Cape Dutch and West Coast fishing village architecture with colossal windows happily embraces the natural light and affords endless contemplative vistas. The large patio, overlooking the beach and ocean, flows into the lower deck with its warm, welcoming reception area and intriguing curio shop housing an array of gifts. Leading from this charming space is the comforting cocktail bar and lounge, a quirky wine cellar and two cosy dining sectors. Around this tranquil oasis lodge lies infinite ocean and desert, littered with the eerie remains of man’s past endeavours. Nearby, rocky outcrops provide a perfect playground for a large seal colony. The fascinating lichen fields of the area include all six species, while pensive reflection will reveal the “Little Five” – the reptiles, birds, insects, scavengers and carnivores.