Visitor Information


Area:                                      824 292 sq km (318 261 sq miles)

Population:                           2 105 000 (Census 2011)

Population Density:             2, 5 per sq km

Capital:                                  Windhoek

Time:                                      GMT +2 (GMT +1 from April to August)


Namibia is in South West Africa. It is a large and mainly barren country sharing borders with Angola in the north, Botswana in the east, South Africa in the south and in the Caprivi strip, a narrow panhandle of Namibian territory jutting from the northwest corner of the country, with Zambia and Zimbabwe. To the west is 1280km (795 miles)of some of the most desolate and lonely coastline in the world. The port of Walvis Bay, situated roughly halfway down the Namibia’s coast, was returned by South Africa to Namibian jurisdiction in February 1994. Along its entire length, the vast shifting sand dunes of the Namib Desert spread inland for 80 – 130km (50 – 80 miles). In the interior, the escarpment of a north-south plateau slopes away to the east and north into the vast interior sand basis of the Kalahari. In the far northwest the 66,000 sq km (25,500 sq miles) of the Kaokoland mountains run along the coast, while further inland lies the Etosha Pan (a dried-out saline lake), surrounded by grasslands and bush which support a large and varied wildlife. The Etosha National Park and Game Reserve is one of the finest in Africa, in that it remains, to a large extent, free of human influence.


Midsummer temperatures from the south and through the central regions can rise over 35˚C. In winter daytime temperatures can vary between 18 – 25˚C while at night and in the morning it can drop to below freezing. The rainy season is from October/ November through to March/ April.

The temperature ranges from 15 – 25˚C in the west, which is the coastal area, however blue skies may change rapidly into thick fog!

The climate is sub-tropical in the north with temperatures ranging from 26˚C in winter to 43˚C in summer. Humidity levels can be very high in summer.

Windhoek average temperatures

MAX˚C                   MIN˚C

January                 29                           17

February                28                           16

March                     27                           15

April                        25                           13

May                        22                           09

June                       20                           08

July                         20                           07

August                   23                           08

September            25                           12

October                  29                           15

November             29                           15

December             30                           17


The Namibian Dollar (N$) is divided into 100 cents and equals the South African Rand. Notes in circulation are N$200, N$100, N$50, N$20 and N$10. Coins are N$5, N$1, 50 cents, 10 cents and 5 cents.

The Namibian Dollar and South African Rand are the only legal tender in Namibia. South African Traveler’s Cheques are accepted almost everywhere. Personal Cheques and foreign currency or foreign Traveler’s Cheques are not accepted, but can b exchanged at any bank.

Drinking Water

Almost all tap water is purified and safe to drink. Visitors should exercise caution in rural areas.


In Namibia one drives on the left. The speed limit is 60-80 kph in build up areas, 80-90 kph on gravel roads and 120 kph on tar roads. Safety belts must be worn at all times.

Overseas visitors must carry a valid international driving license. Roads signs are international and easy to understand. Drivers should take note of warning signs against antelope.

In rainy conditions, beware of slippery roads, wash-aways, running and stagnant water at causeways and drifts.

Distances between towns can be tiring so take regular breaks to stay alert and awake. Tyre air pressure is important in the road-holding ability of your vehicle. Ensure your spare tyre is inflated and in good working order and that a wheel spanner of correct size is included in your kit.

Electric Appliances

All run on 220/240 volts. Outlets are of the round 3 pin, 15 amp type.


The north of Namibia, including Etosha National Park, is a malaria epidemic area. Travellers are strictly advised to take the necessary medication or prophylaxis and also carry a mosquito repellent lotion or spray. Cover exposed skin with long sleeves and trousers. Consult a doctor or pharmacist on the correct prophylaxis for the area of entry.

Blood in Namibia is donated by selected unpaid volunteers. The Blood Transfusion Service carefully screens all the blood products for transmissible disease, including hepatitis and Aids.

Because of Namibia’s vast size and the isolation of many venues, high costs are involved when illness or accidents occur. Travel insurance covering baggage and valuables plus accidents should be considered seriously before departure.


The official language is English and all documents, notices and directional signs are in this language. German and Afrikaans are also used throughout the country and there are numerous African languages and dialects.


  • Air Namibia is the national carrier and operates the following international and regional routes: Windhoek to Frankfurt,  Cape Town, Johannesburg, Luanda, Maun, Harare and Victoria Falls
  • British Airways Comair BA flies daily between from Windhoek and Johannesburg. British Airways connects with various major hubs in the world from Johannesburg.
  • SA Airways operates twice a day between Johannesburg and Windhoek.
  • SA Express operates one flight a day between Cape Town and Windhoek; and one flight a day between Johannesburg and Walvis Bay.


The two main airports in Namibia are Windhoek Hosea Kutako International Airport which caters for international traffic and is 42 km east of Windhoek; and Eros Airport which is 5km south of the city centre and handles the domestic flights.

Namibia – Quad Bike Tours

Looking for some extra excitement? Experience the beauty of the Namib Desert, while cruising through the dunes on a guided quad bike tour. This is also an excellent opportunity to experience one of the most beautiful sunsets in Namibia.

1 hour Quad Tour

This is a short adventure ride into the dunes of Namib Desert. The route can be discussed with the guide, which can either be up and down the dunes or a straight route.

Length:                  20km

Duration:               +-1 hour

Price:                      N$ 300.00 per person

2 hour Quad Tour

Ride the wildest dunes, roller-coasters and spirals of the Namib for more adrenaline. Two hours of pure adventure and excitement. No experience needed.

Length:                  38 – 55 km guided tour

Duration:               +-2 hours

Price:                      N$ 500.00 per person

(Pick-up time (09h00,11h00,13h00,15h00) includes –  mineral water, safety gear & transfers)

2 hour Explorer Quad Tour

On this tour you will learn a little about the creatures and plants found in the desert. With lots of stops, this tour is a little slower but still load of fun!

Length:                  38 – 55 km guided tour

Duration:               +-2,5 hours

Price:                      N$ 500.00 per person

(Pick-up times (08h30 – morning tour only) includes – mineral water safety gear & transfers

Dolphin & Seal cruises in Namibia

During the morning hours in Walvis Bay, boats, catamarans and kayaks take off into the sea. Add one of these tours to your Namibia holiday for an unforgettable experience on the Atlantic Ocean. Here you will get to see some of the amazing creatures living in the sea.

Kayak – Pelican Point Tour

The tour starts with a 40km scenic drive, where you can spot some small desert animals. In the morning after a 40km scenic drive to the Pelican Point, where some of the desert animals can be spotted, you will receive your life jacket and begin the adventure. After a wonderful experience, snacks and drinks are served on the beach.

Duration:               +-5 hours (kayaking 2-2.5 hours)

Price:                      N$ 600.00 per person

(Meeting point: Mola Mola Safaris at 07h30 – includes safety gear, waterproof bag for camera, snacks and drinks)

Catamaran Charters

You will be sailing along the coastal lines while seals come join you on the boat for some fish. Pelicans circle the boat and with luck you’ll see dolphins surfing in the waves. At lunchtime, refreshments will be served on the catamaran. Enjoy fresh oysters, champagne, juices and a wide variety of snacks in the smooth sea breeze of the Walvis Bay lagoon.

Duration:               +-4 hours

Price:                      N$ 480.00 per person

(Meeting point: Walvis Bay Jetty at 08h15 – includes glass of sparkling wine, coffee or tea, juices and snacks)

Levo Tours

The boat leaves from the Walvis Bay Tanker Jetty, through the harbour and past the fishing factories, including a comprehensive explanation of the history. From here we continue to the bird island, Russian trawlers, Pelican Point and back via the lagoon.  Wild seals are fed by hand on the ski-boat. Fresh oysters, champagne and snacks are enjoyed at the seal colony.

Duration:               +-4 hours

Price:                      N$ 490.00 per person

(Meeting point: Walvis Bay Jetty at 08h15 – includes glass of sparkling wine, coffee or tea, juices and snacks)

Namibia – Sandwich Harbour Tours

Explore the beautiful landscape of a multi-coloured desert. Giant sand dunes run straight into the ocean, creating breathtaking sceneries and a unique off-road driving experience. Few locations in the world can compete with the extreme contrasting environment of the desert meeting the ocean.

Marine Dune Day Tour

The Marine Dune Day is a combination of the morning Marine Cruise and our 4×4 Excursion to Sandwich Harbour. During the Marine Cruise you will get to see Pelicans, Seals, Dolphins, the Walvis Bay Harbour, Russian Boats, Oysterfarms and Pelican Point, where you will be dropped off at 11h30. You can choose between small speedboats and big luxury catamarans.

A 4×4 guide will be waiting for you to take you to the Namib Desert for a Sandwich Harbour 4×4 Excursion to see the Saltpans, the Kuiseb River Delta, the Sandwich Harbour Area and – if weather and tides allow for it – the Sandwich Harbour Lagoon. Lunch will be served on the beach or in the dunes.

Duration:               Full day excursion

Price:                      N$ 1 450.00 per person

(Meeting point: Mola Mola Safaris at 08h45 – includes lunch, drinks and permit)

Full day Sandwich Harbour Tour

This tour will take you to the Walvis Bay Lagoon, the Saltpans, the Kuiseb River Delta, the Sandwich Harbour Area and – if weather and tides allow for it – the Sandwich Harbour Lagoon. There will be plenty of time to stop and take pictures and to enjoy the beautiful and unique scenery of one of the most beautiful areas in Namibia. Stop along the way to enjoy lunch and sparkling wine in the dunes or on the beach, before the drive will take you into the dunes for a thrilling ride in our up to 65 meter high roaring dunes!

With a bit of luck you might be able to spot a wide variety of birds and other wildlife such as springboks, jackals and small desert animals.

Duration:               Full day excursion

Price:                      N$ 1 100.00 per person

(Meeting point: Sandwich Harbour 4×4 office at 09h45 – includes lunch, drinks and permit)

Namibia – Desert Tours

Learn more about the little creatures living in the desert. This is a specialized tour which concentrates on smaller groups for a more personal experience. Don’t miss this once in a lifetime opportunity to experience the desert alive and close up!

Living Desert Adventures

This desert tour concentrates on exploring the local dune belt between Walvis Bay and Swakopmund. Conservation, geological structure and the reason why we have a desert will be discussed in detail en route. Plenty of time is available for frequent stops to take photos of the dunes and the surrounding environment. Geckos, rolling spiders, scorpions, lizards, snakes, chameleons, skinks and a variety of beetles and insects are some creatures to be found on this tour.

Duration:               4-5 hours

Price:                      N$ 600.00 per person

Pick-up time between 07h30 and 07h45

Namibia – Scenic Flights

For an out of the ordinary experience, choose one or two scenic flights. A fantastic way to see the beauty of Namibia is from the air. Gaze down over the Namibian landscape and take some beautiful pictures, while flying in a light aircraft.

Epupa Himba Day Excursion

Depart from Swakopmund past the Brandberg, over Damaraland and Kaokoland to the Epupa Falls, where you will visit an Owahimba & Himba Village. After the activity lunch will be served at the Omarunga Lodge. The return flight heads south to Damaraland, over Grootberg (Table-top Mountains) to Twyfelfontein, for fuel. Continue over the Huab River, Skeleton Coast, Shipwrecks, Cape Cross and Salt Pans back to Swakopmund.

Duration:               Full day excursion

2 PAX:                    N$ 10 020.00 per person

3 PAX:                    N$   6 960.00 per person

4 PAX:                    N$   5 435.00 per person

5 PAX:                    N$   4 518.00 per person

(Meeting point: Swakopmund airport and includes Himba tour & lunch at the Omarunga Lodge)

Diamond Coast Scenic

The scenic flight starts at the Swakopmund airport and will take you over the dunes, Diamond camps, two shipwrecks, Sandwich Harbour, Walvis Bay, the Salt Pans and back to Swakopmund.

Duration:               1 hour 36 minutes

2 PAX:                    N$ 1 705.00 per person

3 PAX:                    N$ 2 000.00 per person

4 PAX:                    N$ 2 615.00 per person

5 PAX:                    N$ 3 846.00 per person

 (Meeting point: Swakopmund airport)

Skeleton Coast Scenic

The Skeleton Coast Scenic takes you from Swakopmund over the Rössing Mine, Spitzkoppe, Brandberg & Ugab River, Damaraland neapolitan lava folds, Cape Cross, Skeleton Coast, the Salt Pans and back to Swakopmund.

Duration:               2 hour 12 minutes

2 PAX:                    N$ 2 425.00 per person

3 PAX:                    N$ 2 850.00 per person

4 PAX:                    N$ 3 720.00 per person

5 PAX:                    N$ 5 400.00 per person

 (Meeting point: Swakopmund airport)

Sossusvlei Scenic

See the beauty of Sossusvlei on this flight, which will take you from Swakopmund over the Kuiseb River & Canyon, Tsondapvlei, Sossusvlei, Dunes, Diamond Camps, two Shipwrecks, Sandwich Harbour, Walvis Bay and the Salt Pans, back to Swakopmund.

Duration:               2 hour 12 minutes

2 PAX:                    N$ 3 432.00 per person

3 PAX:                    N$ 4 035.00 per person

4 PAX:                    N$ 5 045.00 per person

5 PAX:                    N$ 7 068.00 per person

 (Meeting point: Swakopmund airport)

Ballooning in Namibia

For the best landscape views and one of the most amazing and memorable experiences, Namibia also offers hot air ballooning. The beauty of the desert plays out in front of you as you fly with the winds for an hour over the ocean of sand and mountains.

Ballooning Safari near Swakopmund

A short briefing gets everyone up to date on what to expect, how to react and what to do on take-off and landings. Slowly the balloon rises to its magnificent and tall stature, and you are ready for take-off. The burners roar and before you know, you are airborne.  The world slowly slips away and you are carried off by the wind. Back on the ground a champagne breakfast in the sunshine will be awaiting you.

Duration:               4-5 hours

Price:                      N$ 3 300.00 per person

Pick-up time +-1 hour before sunrise / +-05h30

Ballooning Safari in Sesriem

Unforgettable and most beautiful experience, a Balloon Safari over the Sossusvlei area is the ultimate treat to yourself. Take off and drift across this magic landscape at Sunrise. After an unforgettable one- hour flight, an Out of Africa Champagne Breakfast awaits you where you land.

Duration:               +-4 hours

Price:                      N$ 3 950.00 per person

(Rates are subject to change in case of devaluation – to remain the equivalent of +-300 Euros) 

Pick-up time 30 minutes before sunrise